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The Great Lakes Cycle Speaker Series: The Mysterious Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501

March 22, 2018, 7:00 PM-8:15 PM

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GRAM’s Cook Auditorium

The paintings in Alexis Rockman’s Great Lakes Cycle are incredibly dense, with ecological and historical references spanning tens of thousands of years. Join us as underwater explorer and author Valerie van Heest uncovers the story behind just one of Rockman’s many references–the disappearance of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501.

The sunk wreckage of Flight 2501, a DC-4 aircraft with 58 people on board, fills the lower half of Rockman’s painting, Spheres of Influence (2016). Lost on June 23, 1950, at the time it was the country’s worst commercial aviation disaster. The wreck was never located and the cause of the accident was never determined. Over half a century later, explorers Clive Cussler and Valerie van Heest have teamed up to attempt to find the submerged wreck and solve the mystery of the plane’s disappearance. Van Heest will share how an unexpected meeting with a victim’s son prompted a search of a different kind, one that would be more illuminating than submerged sections of twisted aluminum, and will reveal that the answers are sometimes found in unexpected places.

Book signing to follow event. Books will be available for purchase.