Mobile Food Vendors at GRAM

Interested in using GRAM’s outdoor plaza as a location for your mobile food truck or cart?

Check back soon for information on how to begin the application process. In the meantime, please read the Mobile Food Vendor Policy, below.

Questions? Contact: [email protected]

GRAM Policy: Mobile Food Trucks and Other Outside Vendors


All advertising must be fixed to the food vehicle and not encroach on the public realm.
No free standing or third party signage will be allowed.

Amenity and Appearance

A mobile food vending area should relate to its surroundings, to protect and enhance the urban, heritage and streetscape appearance and character, including the quality of built form.

  • Trees and other significant streetscape elements such as public art, benches, rubbish bins and bus shelters shall not be obstructed, covered, removed, relocated or modified as a result of a mobile food vending area operation;
  • A constant presence by the operator is required for the regular cleaning and maintenance of the activity area to a high standard.
  • Serving area to be from footpath-side of the vehicle only
  • Vehicle does not require external power connection
  • Ensure access to public street furniture such as seats, bicycle parking, drinking fountains, rubbish bins, telephone booths and post boxes
  • Food vehicles or food vending stands must be removed when not used for vending

Maintenance and Cleaning

Having been granted a permit for a mobile food vending area, the applicant is required to comply with all maintenance aspects of the entire operation, including the conditions of the Special Land Use Permit. Specific requirements are:

  • Mobile food vending vehicle and fixtures must be kept in a safe and well-maintained condition at all times;
  • The mobile food vending area (including food preparation areas) must be regularly cleaned during all hours of operation presenting a continuous well cared for image.
  • The mobile food vending area must be maintained at a level of cleanliness consistent with the Michigan Food Law of 2000.  No waste or litter may be disposed of in City rubbish bins.  Mobile food vendors must provide bins for use and ensure the area around their position is kept clear of rubbish and refuse at all times. Failure to comply with the conditions of a Special Land Use Permit may result in the permit being revoked.


The mobile food vending permit holder is to take full responsibility for the care, appearance, maintenance and operation of their activity area and the effect on other street life. It must be understood that mobile food vending area remains public space. This means operators and patrons do not have exclusive occupancy of the area.

The following principles apply:

  • Permanent fixtures and elements are not permitted
  • Electrical cords are not permitted
  • Should be sturdy and windproof,  made of quality materials and be well designed and constructed to be safe to use, without sharp edges or other features likely to cause injury;
  • Fixtures must not be placed where they present a barrier and subsequent danger to pedestrians crossing the street or kerbside usage by motorists;
  • Must be positioned to allow reasonable access to service covers and existing services; and
  • All items positioned within the permitted boundaries for mobile food vending are the permit holder’s responsibility.


The permit holder assumes responsibility for any liability issues which arise and that are associated with the mobile food vending area.

Removal of Fixtures for Mobile Vending Operation

A mobile food vending area must be vacated of all mobile food vending equipment daily when food vending operation ceases.  Food vending equipment may not remain in place overnight.

Removal of mobile food vending items is at the permit holder’s expense. If mobile food vending items are not removed, GRAM can both remove the items and issue an invoice for the works, give opportunity for the owner to pay, and if not, to send the bill to collections.

Maximum Number of Trucks per Property

There shall be no more than two mobile vendors on the premise at any given time. All vendors must remain within the parameters of GRAM’s SLU permit and shall not encroach on public property.