Annual Fund

Father and daughter creating art.

Connecting People Through Art, Creativity and Design

GRAM STRIVES to foster new conversation through innovative exhibitions, rich collections, and thought-provoking learning opportunities.

EXHIBITIONS AT GRAM are more than simply works of art hanging on the gallery walls. They are engaging, participatory experiences that connect us by creating dialogue through artist talks, panel discussions, interactive gallery spaces, and digital resources.

GRAM IS COMMITTED to providing enriching art experiences that engage a diverse range of people. As part of this effort, we are one of the few institutions in town to offer programming that weaves together the visual and performing arts, such as our two annual concert series. Our Sunday Classical Concert Series features a diverse lineup of local and regional artists through March. GRAM on the Green is a series of free outdoor concerts throughout the summer that transforms the plaza and front terrace of the Museum into an active space with dancing, art activities, food trucks, and games.


  • Over 16,735 visitors received free admission during Meijer Free Tuesdays & Meijer Free Thursday Nights
  • 164,466 guests visited GRAM during ArtPrize Eight
  • Over 4,315 visitors came downtown for the summer GRAM on the Green concert series
  • 2,567 guests enjoyed the Sunday Classical Concert Series
  • 454 guests with memory loss related conditions received a specialized tour through Gazing at GRAM

IN THE HEART of the city, GRAM is making a real difference in the lives of our community—creating an award winning curriculum for every third grade student in Grand Rapids Public Schools and connecting with other organizations to create rich community partnerships.

Since 2010, the Museum has partnered with Grand Rapids Public Schools to advance literacy skills at the third grade level through Language Artists. By integrating literacy and the visual arts in a year-long unit of study, this exciting initiative makes a lasting impact on students, helping to build the foundation of literacy skills necessary to reach graduation and succeed in the global economy.

Through hands-on experiences at the Museum and outreach visits by GRAM staff, Purposeful Play + Artful Learning focuses on early childhood development. The Museum has developed key partnerships with several early childhood centers, including the Downtown Grand Rapids YMCA and Westminster Child Development Center, to help improve kindergarten readiness skills and close the achievement gap before it takes root.

GRAM is increasing its cultural impact by building an open exchange of individual and community growth, elevating our civic dialogue and transforming our society in unexpected ways. Now in its third year, Art of Family Living connects families through engaging art activities. This partnership between GRAM and Gatherings of Hope helps build a frame–work for family discussion, growth, and discovery through curriculum that features select works of art from the Museum’s collection.


  • 2061 students from 9 school districts explored literacy and visual artsthrough a year-long unit of study in Language Artists
  • 283 children engaged in Purposeful Play + Artful Learning through acollaboration with 48 early childhood educators and 3 early childhood centers
  • 985 family members participated in Art of Family Living
  • 632 educators participated in GRAM’s Professional Development program

YOUR GIFT to GRAM’s Annual Fund helps keep the Museum strong and vibrant
in countless ways. As the primary funding for everyday activities
and general maintenance of the Museum, your contribution goes toward

  • Educational outreach
  • Stewardship of the Museum’s collection
  • Keeping the building beautiful year-round
  • Providing the resources needed to continue offering the dynamic
    programs that enrich the lives of children and adults alike