Current Exhibitions

September 18 – October 12, 2014

ArtPrize at GRAM 2014: [DIS]COMFORT ZONES explores the ways artists take risks, push boundaries and create images, environments, or emotional effects that engage the viewer by pulling them out of their comfort zone and into a new, heightened awareness.

Exhibition made possible by:

Dirk Hoffius – PwC – Applause Catering + Events – Bank of America – Merrill LynchGill Group – Rob and Elizabeth Koenen – City Flats Hotel

In Kind Donations:

Steelcase Inc.

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2013: Encore

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2013: Encore
November 29, 2013 – October 12, 2014
Revisit the highlights of ArtPrize 2013, without the crowds! Now in its second year, this annual exhibition showcases selected
works of art from the most recent ArtPrize event, year-round. GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2013: Encore features works of art drawn from nine venues, and includes
painting, drawing, watercolor, photography, sculpture, and textile art. For the list of artists and more information on the 2013 ArtPrize entries included.

• Three sections of the ArtPrize 2012 winner, Elephants