Experience ArtPrize at GRAM

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“ArtPrize 2013 at GRAM: Reimagining the Landscape and the Future of Nature”:
Artists today have a complex relationship with the environment that goes beyond celebrating the beauty of landscape. GRAM’s ArtPrize exhibition will feature artists who are exploring images and ideas taken not only from the world around us, but also from the history of art, contemporary discussions about the environment, and frontiers of natural science.
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Artists Title Vote Code Installation Shot
Adam Mulder
(Top 100)
Melancholy, 2013 54878 Adam Mulder
Alex MacLean Arid Lands, 2011-2013 55176 Alex MacLean
Alexis Rockman
(Top 20 Juried)
Tropical Migrants, 2011 54929 Alexis Rockman
Ana Michaelis
(Top 50)
Illusion, 2013 54334 Ana Michaelis
Brandy Van Zalen Pollen of the Great Lakes, 2013 55544 Brandy Van Zalen
Cody Erickson
(Top 100)
Consolation, 2013 55433 Cody Erickson
Danielle Rante Chasing Ice, 2013 54823 Danielle Rante
Deanna Morse
(Top 20 Juried)
Whispers of the Prairie, 2013 54563 Deanna Morse
Erin Anderson Emanation No. 2, 2013 54812 Erin Andersen
Geo Space
(Top 50)
FireFly, 2013 54240 Geo Space
James Peterson
(Top 25)
Sessilanoid, 2013 54363 James Peterson
Jason Gamrath
(Top 10)
Botanical Exotica, 2013 55415 Jason Gamrath
Kathleen Studebaker The Waste Land, 2013 55413 Kathleen Studebaker
Kim Cridler
(Top 100)
Field Study 20: Thicket, 2013 54679 Kim Cridler
Llisa Demetrios Fragments of Time, 2013 54991 Llisa Demitrios
Mark Rumsey Minor Geographies at the Palace Hotel, 2013 54304 Mark Rumsey
Osamu James Nakagawa BANTA cliffs + GAMA caves, 2010 55014 James Nakagawa
Samuel Gomez
(Top 25)
Deadpan Comedy, 2013 54516 Samuel Gomez
Shahzia Sikander
(Top 20 Juried)
The Last Post, 2010 54942
Sophia Collier
(Top 25)
Grand, 2013 55018 Sophia Collier
Stephen Hannock Great Falls at Dawn for Xu Bing (Mass MOCA # 180), 2013 54954 Stephen Hannock
Tama Baldwin
(Top 100)
True North: Landscape in the Anthropocene, 2012 55107 Tama Baldwin
Terry Hancock DEEPSKY, 2013 54605 Terry Hancock
Yunjung Kang
(Top 100)
-holic, 2013 55370 Yung Jung Kang
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ArtPrize at GRAM Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 12noon – 8pm
Friday- Saturday: 12noon – 10pm
Sunday: 12noon – 6pm
For Official ArtPrize Hours and Information, click here: ArtPrize Venue Hours
10am – 12noon daily, only Members and scheduled group tours

GRAM admission is free during ArtPrize!

View GRAM at artprize.org

Important Dates:Round 1 Voting: Sept. 18th at 12pm – Sept. 28th at 11:59pm
Round 2 Voting: Sept. 29th at 2pm – Oct. 3rd at 11:59pm

·Top Ten Announcements: September 29th at 1pm at Rosa Parks Circle

·ArtPrize Awards: October 4th at 8pm at City of Grand Rapids Garages 5 & 6 Market Ave. (televised on WOOD TV8)

Guest and Travel Tips:
ArtPrize is an exciting and busy time in downtown Grand Rapids.
Make your visit fun and simple by reading these tips:

  • Lines to enter the Grand Rapids Art Museum are common at noon, when GRAM opens to the public and on the weekends. The lines often move quickly.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the museum or galleries to protect the works of art. Please enjoy these items before entering the museum.
  • Avoid traveling with large backpacks or long umbrellas. If you do bring these items, Guest Services is happy to check them for you as you enter the museum. These items can harm the art.

To read more on Museum etiquette and guidelines, click here

Parking information: downtown parking map
Event Map: ArtPrize 2013 Event Map
Venue Map: GRAM Venue Map

Plan Ahead and Schedule a Group Visit or Tour During ArtPrize Now!
Start your day at a centrally located exhibition center before the crowds arrive!
10am-12pm: Reserved Group Tours and GRAM members ONLY Starting at only $7 per person, you can purchase an ArtPrize at GRAM package that will give your group members these great perks:

  • Early admission to GRAM, between 10am and 12pm, before the crowds arrive
  • Convenient passenger drop-off and pick-up just outside GRAM on Monroe Center
  • Assistance with voting registration upon arrival
  • An ArtPrize gift from GRAM

Enhance your experience with a docent: $40 per docent; a docent can lead a group of up to 12 people

To schedule a tour, please click here: schedule a tour

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View artists interviews on Vimeo!
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ArtPrize 2013 Member Benefits

Member Preview
September 11, 2012, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Be the first to view GRAM’s ArtPrize 2013 exhibition and meet some of the artists while listening to live music! Activate your ArtPrize voter status and enjoy complimentary snacks with a cash bar.

Member Hours
Avoid the crowds – GRAM will be open early for Members

Member Entrance
Present your membership card at the designated Member Only Entrance.

Member Hospitality
Take a break on the Allen and Helen Hunting Dining Terrace

Exclusive Gifts for Members
New and renewing Members receive a limited gift.

Share Member Benefits
Members can share their member benefits during ArtPrize with up to 4 guests (per membership).

Volunteer for ArtPrize!

ArtPrize is one of the busiest times at the Art Museum, and GRAM is looking for volunteers for this year’s event!

New this year! GRAM is offering perks for ArtPrize volunteers. Any volunteer completing two shifts at the GRAM will receive an ArtPrize wristband good for unlimited rides on the DASH and all Rapid buses during ArtPrize. Volunteers completing five or more shifts will receive a GRAM ArtPrize t-shirt.
Contact the email below to learn more.

Apply now

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Masterpieces of American Landscape Painting 1820-1950
October 20, 2013 – January 12, 2014This major exhibition from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is a rare opportunity to see how America’s vast natural beauty and landmarks have inspired some of the nation’s most admired artists, from Winslow Homer to Georgia O’Keeffe. This extraordinary collection of 48 paintings, spanning the Romanticism of the early 1800s to the Modernism of the 1940s, traces how great artists have used landscape imagery to celebrate the beauty of nature and capture its essential role in the American experience.


Buy tickets now!

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