A 21st Century Information Sharing Space for Grand Rapids | West Michigan

Come on in!

The GOSite POP UP Introductory Site is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from July 31 through September 13. See information below.


What will the GOSite be? You can help answer that!

The POP UP Introductory Site opens July 31!

Hours Thursdays 10-9 Fridays 10-9 Saturdays 10-5

Stop by for an introduction to the concept and an opportunity to contribute feedback and ideas during the planning and implementation process, your participation will be integral as we begin to prepare for a full launch following this important research and discovery phase. The community’s input is vital to the ultimate design and content that will be offered in the GoSite. Programs will be piloted during the Pop Up, including Friday Free Bites, Thursday Evening Cultural Mix, and GR Riddle – with great prizes attached, along with a few videos of the GR Social Circle Hosts (with a chance for you to audition!), and the opportunity to spin the GRCity Twist to curate your own Grand Rapids experience. This and much more is waiting for you to explore in the GoSIte Pop Up, so drop in, learn more, and tell us what you think of it all.

Want to hear from the Introductory GR Social Circle Hosts? Click here to view their Invitational Video and follow them on social media.

Questions about the GoSite? Email [email protected] Interested in volunteering for the GOSite Team? Email [email protected]

What will the GOSite be?

Reframing the traditional information center to fully engage an integrated 21st century audience.

A high profile, warm and welcoming space at the northwest corner of the Art Museum near Rosa Parks Circle will beckon both the intentional visitors and the casual passersby. Inside they will find a helpful concierge to the city, a smiling new friend trained as a certified tourism ambassador, to help them explore their options and discover new ideas of things to see and do. They’ll have the latest tools and digital access, along with traditional paper maps and brochures. They’ll watch monitors scrolling with information, real time social media suggestions, calendar of events, and visual images of the diverse offerings of the city. They’ll meet the people of Grand Rapids through a group of “virtual” community liaisons who will tweet their weekly picks, and join in fun activities such as riddles and games that encourage them to visit community organizations and businesses that they may have never been to before. As an information-gathering hub, they’ll be able to share their own ideas about Grand Rapids through the GoSite’s social media and on-site feedback stations. They’ll find a comfortable place to meet up with friends, try free samples of local delicacies, join a tour, or maybe catch a mini-performance by one of the many cultural organizations in the city. They’ll get to know our city, its history and character, the movers and shakers of the town, and the visions for the future. Most of all, they will see the big picture, the many wonderful things that make Grand Rapids a great place to live, work, and play–the GoSite will help them be a part of it all.