GRAM Docents

GRAM Docents

Want to experience GRAM on a deeper level?  Interested in joining a community of fun and active learners? Become a GRAM docent today!

What is a docent?
A docent is a volunteer educator that engages in conversation with museum guests about artwork.

Benefits of GRAM’s docent program

  • An insider’s look at GRAM’s collection and special exhibitions
  • Access to special guests and curators
  • A preview of upcoming exhibitions
  • Lifelong learning opportunities through bi-weekly docent education sessions

Qualities of perspective docents

  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Flexible and dedicated
  • Comfortable with public speaking


Training program

Provisional (in-training) GRAM Docents complete an 8-month program, during which time they attend weekly training sessions. Collaborative learning and a specifically designed curriculum provide the content and practical knowledge necessary to lead groups of all ages through GRAM’s galleries.

Responsibilities of a GRAM Docent

  • GRAM Docents are required to complete the 8-month provisional training program
  • Upon completion of training program, docents attend bi-weekly education sessions
  • GRAM Docents lead a minimum of 10 tours per fiscal year (October through September), and dedicate 50 hours per fiscal year to GRAM’s Docent Program

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Questions about GRAM’s Docent Program? Contact Andrea Morgan at 616.831.2930 or

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