Two guests in the galleries stand together and look at the art on the walls, which is not pictured. 

Selections from the 2019 Festival of the Arts Regional Arts Competition

June 26, 2019 – July 28, 2019

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GRAM is pleased to collaborate with Festival of the Arts to exhibit a selection of works by regional artists, selected from the Festival 2019 Regional Arts Exhibition. Chief Curator, Ron Platt, and Assistant Curator, Jennifer Wcisel, selected pieces from the nearly 400 works on view in the exhibition for this special presentation. Also included is the juried Best in Show selection.

Featured artists include: Ted Bergin, Georgia Donovan, Rose Ellis, Lee Ann Frame, Tatsuki Hakoyama, Carol Laurn, Kaye Longberg, Catherine McClung, Jovonnah Nicholson, Benjamin Nguyen, Alisa Phillips, Kendra Postma, Ruth VanderMeulen, and Leslie Victor.