A wide angle photo of a gallery filled with artwork. Three large human figure-like sculptures fill the foreground while the back wall is lined with shelves upon which small skull-shaped figurines sit. 

Drop-In Tour: Billy Mayer

November 23, 2019, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM

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One of Michigan’s most distinctive and unique sculptors, the late Billy Mayer (1953-2017) created work in numerous media and materials that addressed the mundane elements of daily life as well as bigger, broader ideas about human existence. Billy Mayer: The Shape of Things brings together both large and small-scale sculpture that demonstrate Mayer’s creative imagination and his impressive range of interests and sources, from Surrealism and Pop Art to souvenir kitsch. Mayer’s meticulously crafted sculptures juxtapose familiar elements in unexpected arrangements that seem conjured from a parallel reality or dream state.

Drop-in tours are free with admission and meet in the museum’s main lobby at 1pm.  No registration required.