The image on the left is of two opera singers performing in full, ornate costumes, making gestures with their arms as they sing. The image on the right is of a young boy holding up a DSLR camera to his eye. 

Storytelling Beyond Words: Mosaic Film Experience  & Opera Grand Rapids 

November 14, 2019, 6:30 PM-9:00 PM

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6 pm presentation
6:30 pm conversation and Q+A

Join GRAM alongside a diverse collection of community partners as we explore how wordless storytelling occurs through different forms of creativity and self-expression. In these interactive conversations, participants will learn from local experts and experience how seemingly disparate art forms share commonalities.

On November 14, join the Mosaic Film Experience for a discussion on storytelling without sound in film. The Mosaic Film Experience hosts a variety of annual events and workshops that strive to provide conversational spaces, media literacy resources, and opportunities for diverse youth to tell their own unique stories.

Take a journey with Opera Grand Rapids along the path of opera star, Diane Schoff as she transforms from her everyday self to a glittering, high-spirited character on the Opera Stage. From the elaborate costume to the colorful make-up and wigs, all will be revealed in this fun presentation of what it takes to make an opera singer!