At-home artmaking

Art Boxes

Bring artmaking into your home with a GRAM Art Box. Choose an art box for children of all ages or teens and adults to explore new methods of making! Discover new artworks unique to you.

What’s in a GRAM Art Box?

Materials inside each box help the whole family discover their inner artist through hands-on creative exploration. Inspired by the art and artists in GRAM’s collection, each art box includes all materials needed to complete your creation, step-by-step illustrated instructions, information about artworks and artists that inspire the project, and more about GRAM family programs.

Each GRAM Art Box is designed to be completed by one person or collaboratively with family and friends. GRAM Members receive 20% off.

For more information, please contact Studio Experience Manager Kimberly Mills at 616.831.2927 or

  Two GRAM art kit boxes laid on a white table. The boxes say Look. Discover. Create in colorful lettering.

Purchase an Art Box

    Child & All-Ages 

    Explore the play between color, shape, and balance to build a colorful mobile unique to you. Follow the step-by-step directions inside to create a mobile out of colorful foam and wire. 

    Combining art and science, mobiles are a type of kinetic sculpture that are built to balance and move in the air! Usually free-hanging, mobiles are made up of multiple layers of wire rods and dynamic shapes. 

    $35, 20% off for members. 

    Teens & Adults 

    Carve a unique set of linoleum stamps and create artwork unique to you. Explore the materials inside the box to design, carve, and print a set of expressive prints. 

    Linocut is a type of relief printmaking technique. A design is carved into a block of linoleum or lino” with a sharp cutting tool. Then, the linoleum is inked up and impressed into paper by hand.

    $45, 20% off for members.