Artist Interviews

Artist Interviews and Talks

Hear perspectives from artists, including influences, methods, and their experience exhibiting work at GRAM. To view all artist videos, click here.

Virtual Artist Talk: Salvador Jiménez-Flores

A virtual conversation with GRAM Collection artist, Salvador Jiménez-Flores, who addresses issues of colonization, migration, cultural appropriation, identity, and futurism in his work.

Dylan Miner

We spoke with Métis artist and activist, Dylan Miner about the role of nature and indigenous history in his work, and his exhibition at GRAM: Water is Sacred // Trees are Relatives.

David Wiesner

Listen below as award-winning illustrator David Wiesner describes his exhibition at GRAM, David Weisner and the Art of Wordless Storytelling.

Maya Lin

Hear from designer, architect, and artist Maya Lin on her GRAM exhibition, Maya Lin: Flow.

Anila Quayyum Agha: Intersections

Hear contemporary artist Anila Quayyum Agha describe her immersive gallery installation featured in Intersections at GRAM.

Iris Van Herpen

Hear from Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen on her cutting-edge designs in Iris Van Herpen: Transforming Fashion.