Yoga at GRAM

Yoga at GRAM

The Grand Rapids Art Museum and AM Yoga present Yoga at GRAM, with support by Priority Health. Join us on select Thursday evenings for exceptional Vinyasa-style yoga classes with instructors Ashley Yost and Mali Jane.

In place of Yoga at GRAM, stream an in-home session with AM Yoga each day on their Facebook page. You can also follow along and flow with this video, sponsored by Priority Health:

Thanks to the generous support of Priority Health, classes are donation-based and proceeds go directly to support AM Yoga. All classes are held in GRAM’s Cook Auditorium and start at 5:45pm, unless noted otherwise.

Why yoga at the Museum?

Yoga is the art of connecting mind with body through movement, breath, and meditation. Art and yoga have complementary and intrinsically valuable benefits. Art provides us with a deeper understanding of the world around us, a greater empathy for others and heightened powers of observation. Those who practice yoga regularly can achieve an increased sense of self-awareness, mindfulness and ability to be present in their daily activities. Experienced together, art and yoga can offer new ways of seeing the world and experiencing the self.

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