Corporate Partner Spotlight

One Design Company

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At One Design, we seek truth in the world around us and create meaningful human experiences at the intersection of communication, design, and technology — where powerful brands come to life.” – Robyn Paprocki Woodford, Account Director, One Design Company 

One Design Company, headquartered in Chicago, is an eclectic group of researchers, strategists, designers, writers, and developers united by a common desire to ask questions, push limits, and make cutting-edge, beautifully functional work that solves complex challenges for clients around the world. Every client becomes a part of the team — together facing challenges and celebrating the victories that come with every project.

In 2021, GRAM rolled out a newly redesigned website by ODC, which combines bold visuals, a better user experience, and wider access to the permanent collection all in one place. The staff at One Design truly makes them a unique partner for a cultural institution like GRAM. Many members of their team started their careers working at cultural institutions, and others are artists themselves. Some are even included in the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection, have previous experience working at art museums, or have taught art, design, or typography courses at post-secondary institutions. And still, others are illustrators, textile artists, musicians, or printmakers themselves. That’s a lot of talent in a studio of only about 35 people! 

We most often are compelled to collaborate with arts organizations because of their power to represent the best and worst of our current world and tell the stories of past worlds. The arts are a critical factor in our economy, employing 3.1 million people,” shared Paprocki Woodford. They promote true emotional prosperity and are used in health systems to treat mental, emotional, and physical ailments. They are an export industry and drive tourism locally. The arts have been proven to accelerate academic performance, spark innovation, and strengthen resiliency. Truly though, it comes down to our belief in the importance of communication. Art in all of its forms — intellectual, verbal, physical, visual — is critical to the conservation and advancement of our global society and local cultures.”

The studio has a long track record of supporting non-profits in various ways — speaking engagements, financial contributions, donations, volunteering — providing them the opportunity to partner with organizations that create spaces in their communities for dialogue through art, design, and culture. To be able to offer that experience and access to a community like the one GRAM serves, is the reward for us,” says Paprocki Woodford. A big thank you to One Design for their support in making GRAM’s new website possible. 

Congratulations to One Design, who recently won Print Magazine’s Agency of the Year award! Looking to the year ahead, expect some exciting partnerships between One Design and clients that continue to maintain focus on values-based work; projects that will impact emotional learning, life sciences, national support of artists, to hint at just a few.