ACTion Art: An exhibition by Artists Creating Together

May 25, 2021 — Sep 4, 2021
Education Center Gallery, Level 1

Artists Creating Together empowers individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. ACT provides art and creative expression programming, which helps to enrich the lives of people with and without disabilities throughout all of West Michigan.

About the Exhibition

ACTion Art is an exhibit that is uniquely designed to assist adult artists with disabilities to show their art in a professional gallery format and to market and sell their work in the larger community. A panel of jurors reviews all ACTion Art entries and selects three artists to receive Jurors’ Choice awards each year. ACT is proud to present the Jurors’ Choice artists from 2019, 2020, 2021.

The nine artists featured in this exhibition utilized a wide range of mediums, including several acrylic paintings of abstract and representational artworks, monoprint inks, cut and punched papers, and recycled metals. Some artists have spent years creatively exploring new ways to incorporate their preferred mediums into their visual art, and some artists are experimenting with new mediums and techniques for the first time. The artworks delve into an array of themes and narratives; from relationships and nostalgia, to being separated from loved ones during a pandemic; from the beauty of the natural world to the construction and decay of industrial spaces; from quiet moments of relaxation to the lively energy of metropolitan areas.

To learn more about Artists Creating Together and related programs, visit their website.