Michigan Artist Series: Kristina Sheufelt

Feb 1, 2025 — May 4, 2025
Level 1 Galleries

About the Exhibition

In its first floor galleries, GRAM will present the multifaceted work of Kristina Sheufelt, a Detroit-based artist and environmentalist. Sheufelt’s wide-ranging practice explores the human ecological experience. Using her own body to study how local ecologies impact biological responses, Sheufelt’s sculptures, photographs, and living experiments reflect on what it means to be a being of this world abstracted from nature by modern society yet intrinsically bound with its rhythms. Her haunting sculptures reflect an overwhelming sense of loss: a bereavement of the embodied experience of our natural environment, as well as the demise of environmental health. Despite this, life endures – through microscopic mechanisms, unseen to the naked eye and revealed through Sheufelt’s work, nature reclaims its place in new, unforeseen ways. At once mournful, reparative, and a call to action, this Michigan Artist Series exhibition explores the urgent questions facing the ecological future of this land, as well as our place within it.

About the Artist

Kristina Sheufelt is a visual artist and environmentalist based in Detroit, Michigan. She received her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2013 and her MFA from the University of Michigan in 2022. In 2017 she attended a National Parks Arts Foundation residency in Texas, and in 2020 was invited to the La Wayaka Current residency in Chile. In 2023 Sheufelt was an AIR at the Prairie Ronde residency in Vicksburg, MI, and the Cedar Point Biological Research Station in Nebraska. Her work and research has been presented at institutions throughout the United States and abroad, and has won awards locally and internationally.

Exhibition Support

Support for GRAM’s Michigan Artist Series is generously provided by:

Beusse & Porter Family Foundation

The Jury Foundation

Lisa M. Rose

Additional funding provided by the GRAM Exhibition Society.