Nocturnes: Night Scenes from GRAM’s Collection 

Apr 20, 2023 — Aug 19, 2023
Level 1 Galleries

The ineffable visual and sensorial experience of night has long captured the imagination. A routine portion of the earth’s cycle, night is both a daily experience and a symbolic space: it is at once quiet, introspective, communal, frightening, and tender. For some artists, nighttime conjures the subconscious, promising the revelation of hidden truths unfathomable during the light of day and serving as a liminal space between romanticism, vulnerability, and the dream world. 

Though the artists in this exhibition differ in their approach to the nocturne, or night scene, each resultant work is imbued with a poetic awe at how we experience night. The nocturne challenges artists to create landscapes and genre scenes in shadow; it is a dance between light and dark.