Illustration of Dana and Mark by Grand Rapids Artist Lisa Pavia

Live Artfully

Friday, Sep 9, 2022
6:00 pm — 10:00 pm

Thank you for joining us to celebrate Dana & Mark’s impact on GRAM, our community, and each of our lives. We are thrilled to share that we exceeded our fundraising goal and continue to receive donations in honor of Dana & Mark. We are especially grateful to each of you for the support, not only in dollars, but in the spirit of community and advocacy for our mission: connecting people through art, creativity and design.

Host Committee: Betsy Connors & David Chen, Kayem Dunn, Nora Halpern & Kerry Brougher, Linda & Scott LaFontsee, Mary & Jim Nelson, Margo Sawyer, Meg & Greg Willit

Live Artfully Dinner will be offered biennially in rotation with the Autumn Affair, GRAM’s signature fall fundraiser. 

Grand Rapids Art Museum

For more information, please contact a team member.

Haley Marcos at or 616.831.2925

Carroll Velie at or 616.242.5039

Sales for this event are now closed.
Lead Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Support for this event is generously provided by:

  • Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation
  • Eenhoorn, LLC
  • Haworth Helps
  • James and Mary Nelson
  • Karl and Patricia Betz
  • Bill and Marilyn Crawford
  • ICN Foundation
  • Scott and Linda LaFontsee & Kathryn and Chris Chaplow
  • Miller Johnson Attorneys & Laurie Murphy
  • Steelcase Inc.
  • Varnum LLP.
  • Greg and Meg Willit
  • Ken Betz and Pat Brewer
  • Jim and Donna Brooks
  • Reagan Marketing + Design, LLC
  • Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Kate Pew Wolters
  • Tammy and Howie Bailey
  • Conduit Studio
  • Phillip and Julie Croll
  • Sam and Janene Cummings
  • Kayem Dunn
  • Michael and Lynette Ellis
  • Mr. and Mrs. David G. Frey
  • Meg Goebel
  • Greg and Leah Hooks
  • Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
  • Rebecca and Wallson Knack
  • Tom Merchant
  • Janet and Mark Nisbett
  • Enid Packard
  • Ruth Posthumus and Marlin Feyen
  • Milt and Barbara Rohwer
  • Pam and Todd Vitaz
  • Elizabeth Welch and Brian Schwartz
  • Joe and Lisa Becherer

Additional Donations in Honor of Dana & Mark

  • Tammy and Howie Bailey
  • Janet Gather Boyles and John Boyles
  • Betsy Connors and David Chen
  • Kayem Dunn
  • John and Marlyn Drake
  • Gary and Suzanne Eberle
  • Kost and Candy Elisevich
  • Twink Frey
  • Elaine Gordon
  • Robert Israels
  • Martin Kevorkian
  • Ruth Posthumus and Marlin Feyen
  • Sharon Filas
  • Stephanie Naito
  • Kathryn Neckers
  • Jim and Marie Preston
  • Thomas E. Moran and Rebecca Purdum
  • Warren and Sandra Remple
  • Margo Sawyer
  • Paula J. Webb
  • Connie Weinzapfel
  • Andrea Williams (In Memory of Douglas Williams)

Additional donations allow the Museum to further its mission to connect people through art, creativity, and design.

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Donate Today

  • Make a Donation in Honor of Dana & Mark

    Your gift allows the Museum to further its mission to connect people through art, creativity, and design.

In the spirit of Dana and Mark’s passion for this community, please consider a contribution.

Your gift supports the initiatives as detailed in GRAM’s new five-year strategic plan which includes building diverse audiences and furthering community connections.

It will be used in 2023, and allows the Museum to further its mission to connect people through art, creativity, and design, supporting:

  • Culturally and artistically diverse exhibitions focused on historically under-represented artists
  • Partnerships and co-developed programming of, by, and for the community
  • Expanded interpretation of the collection and exhibitions by incorporating community voices and visions
  • Outreach and programming in underserved communities, beyond the Museum’s walls

Dana Friis-Hansen & Mark Holzbach Interview with Todd Herring


Reminisce on the evening with our Live Artfully Playlists, curated by Dana.

    Nora Jones, Elvis Castello, Prince, and other smooth sounds played throughout dinner.

    From The Talking Heads to Pharrell Williams, this upbeat playlist kept us smiling at Live Artfully.