A intricate, paper top had made by Kelly Church

Gallery Chat: Interwoven Legacy

Thursday, Nov 5, 2020
12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

Drop in to a gallery and chat with a GRAM docent about works of art on view in An Interwoven Legacy: The Black Ash Basketry of Kelly Church and Cherish Parrish. Docents will be stationed by a specific work, and guests can stop by to chat with them about the art and artist. This is a fantastic opportunity for art lovers of all ages to explore the many works on view at GRAM. Registration is not required. Signage will be in the Lobby with the location of the docent.

Kelly Church and Cherish Parrish come from an unbroken line of Black ash basket weavers, a traditional Anishinaabe art form that has been practiced for centuries, and the pair continue to harvest and prepare their materials traditionally.

The exhibition features numerous new baskets woven by Church and Parrish for the exhibition, some with traditional functions and forms, as well as others that address more personal and topical concerns. Church and Parrish, who are mother and daughter, come from a family that has been practicing basketry for unbroken generations. An Interwoven Legacy explores the pair’s commitment to preserving and sustaining the traditional black ash basketry of their ancestors.

GRAM Studio
Free with Admission