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Nonprofit Membership

Our Nonprofit Membership program is designed to provide client-based community organizations with affordable access to the Museum. We are a safe space where all are welcome; join us!

  Children raise their hands to answer a question while on a tour of the galleries


1 Year Membership is $125. Includes 60 guest passes (a $600 value) which expire 1 year from date of purchase of the membership. 

Guest passes are restricted to use by clients, caregivers, and employees of your 501©3 organization.

To purchase a nonprofit membership, please contact or call 616.831.2912. Proof of nonprofit status will be required to complete purchase.

The Nonprofit Membership is offered to certified 501©3 service and nonprofit organizations, and is not intended for public or private schools, or organizations that serve school children.

How to Use

1. At the front desk, clients and/​or employees of your organization will check-in by simply stating they are associated with your organization. Proof of association is required.

2. The appropriate number of guest passes will then be deducted from your account. 

3. That’s it! 

We strongly recommend clients are accompanied by an employee of your organization when visiting. However, as each organization’s needs are different, an accompanied visit is not required. GRAM retains the right to refuse entry to any visitor who does not comply with our requirements for entry.