Cindy Meyers Foley

MuseumNext Presentation

Play Like an Artist

Watch GRAM Director and CEO Cindy Foley’s exploration of creativity, artistic play, and designing interactive in-gallery experiences in Play Like an Artist, presented at this year’s MuseumNext conference. 

Resources and Acknowledgements

Additional Resources

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the leading researcher into the notion of flow or flow states’ that manifests as a highly focused mental state. He uses his famous flow theory to explore the creative process.

Columbus Museum of Art opened their Center for Creativity in 2011, including the Wonder Room and Big Idea Gallery. These spaces were designed to cultivate the imagination and creative engagement. Merilee Mostov, Former Director of Inclusive Interpretation at CMA lead the charge to design and evaluate these spaces.

Hannah Mason Macklin is the current Director of Engagement at the Columbus Museum of Art and has continued to create experiences that engage creative thinking while also engaging intentional civic engagement.


Jeanine Ancelet and Jessica Luke are with Audience Focus, a museum focused research and evaluation firm. They led the evaluation and research work at the Columbus Museum of Art.

The Grand Rapids Art Museum used the Columbus Museum of Art research to develop their own study including this observation form.

This play rubric was developed by Jessica Luke using Stuart Brown’s research.

A special thank you to Grand Rapids Art Museum Gallery Associates who worked on this project by collecting data and interviewing visitors.