The Blank Space

The Blank Space

This gallery space is designed to activate visitors’ imagination and encourage play through engaging exhibitions and participatory activities that reflect the creativity of our local community. 

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About The Blank Space

Grand Rapids is extraordinary, a city that is constantly reimagining, growing, changing, and responding to the needs of its community. This space is designed as a manifestation of that vibrant quality. The Blank Space does two things – centers people and their experience while also centering community creativity.

The space is designed to engage visitor imagination and to encourage play through engaging exhibits and participatory activities. The exhibits will expand our understanding of who is creative and what those creative outputs look like. It will help all of understand what is possible with a hearty dose of imagination combined with deep and reflective thinking.

The first iteration of this space, titled The Blank Space, is to make explicit the importance of experimentation and play and GRAM’s dedication to being responsive and curious about our community and our visitors. The space will continue to evolve, a reflection of what we learn.

On View in The Blank Space