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Over 100 Years of Building Community Strength through Art
On June 1, 1910, a constitution was adopted establishing the Art Association of Grand Rapids, which would eventually become the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Founding President and cultural leader, Mrs. Cyrus E. Perkins, stated:

“I want to emphasize the fact that this is a city wide movement. Membership is open to all citizens and everyone is urged to interest their friends and acquaintances who want to further the establishment of a strong Art Association, which shall eventually lead to a valuable art collection for our city.”

Over 100 years later, GRAM continues to build on the ideas and aims articulated at our origin, while expanding the reach of our mission and vision statements:

Statement of Purpose:

Focusing on art, design, and creativity, GRAM will provide diverse platforms for experiences, ideas, and dialogue that enrich the human spirit and build practical learning skills. Through dynamic exhibitions, collections, learning initiatives, and community collaborations, GRAM will increasingly serve as a cultural beacon and civic anchor.


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